October Birthstone: Natural Opal

Enjoy the sweet romance of one of
the world's most romantic and precious gemstones.

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The Perfect Guide To Unique Engagement Ring |  Modern Gem Jewelry®

The Perfect Guide To Unique Engagement Ring

Weddings have a lot of traditions, like a beautiful white wedding dress or a diamond engagement ring. We adore them because they are timeless, and many brides still yearn for a classic ceremony. 
Best Center STone Shapes Fro Engagement Rings. • Modern Gem Jewelry®

Best Center Stone Shapes for Engagement Rings

It is possible to feel completely overwhelmed by all the different cuts of the center stone that are available to you. The good news is that we can guide you through a few different shape options u...
Sparkle Your Proposal this 2022- Modern Gem Jewelry

Sparkle Your Proposal in 2022: Diamond, Lab Diamond or Moissanite ?

The center stone of an engagement ring is a significant dilemma that many couples encounter when selecting a center stone for their engagement ring. You've probably heard the expression "all that g...
5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Choosing 18K Gold For Their Engagement Rings - Modern Gem Jewelry

5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Choosing 18K Gold For Their Engagement Rings

If you've started looking for the right engagement ring, you'll see that not only do you need to pick on the type of setting and diamond shape, but you'll also discover that most settings come in a...
5 Raessons Everyone is choosing Sapphire for Their engagement ring

5 Reasons Everyone Is Choosing Sapphires For Their Engagement Ring

Colored gemstones have resurfaced as a fashionable choice for today's wedding. In civil wedding rings, colored stones have historically had a prestigious place. For a more personalized approach, se...


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