Cushion Cut 2.86 Carats Natural Blue Spinel Gemstone | 9.7mm x 7mm
Cushion Cut 2.86 Carats Natural Blue Spinel Gemstone | 9.7mm x 7mm
Cushion Cut 2.86 Carats Natural Blue Spinel Gemstone | 9.7mm x 7mm
Cushion Cut 2.86 Carats Natural Blue Spinel Gemstone | 9.7mm x 7mm
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Cushion Cut 2.86 Carats Natural Blue Spinel Gemstone | 9.7mm x 7mm

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    Gemstone Information

    Gemstone Stone Type: Natural Spinel
    Gemstone Color: Blue
    Gemstone Weight: 2.86 Carats
    Gemstone Cut: Cushion
    Gemstone Clarity: VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) 
    Gemstone Treatment:
    No Treatment
    Number of Stones:
    Dimension 9.7mm x 7mm
    Modern Gem Item#:
    This beautiful striking blue spinel gem. This beautiful loose gemstone is eye clean a displays a very stunning color. A beautiful stone in a rare color, in an attractive shape and proportions, super lively and bright. A very fine gemstone at a very low price.


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