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      The most important of the gem families, corundum provides us with two of the best-known stones: ruby and sapphire. The popularity and price of these gemstones remain strong due to the beauty, durability and versatility of the material. Ruby & Sapphire all fall under the corundum family. Ruby is corundum that has a purplish bluish-red to yellow-red color. The finest color is pure red with a hint of blue, as seen in glowing coal or red of a traffic light. Sapphire is more abundant than ruby because its coloring agents(impurities) are more common than those of ruby. The most valuable color is blue.

      CORUNDUM (84)

      0.37 Carat Purple Pink Natural Burmese Ruby Loose...


      1.07 Carats Pink Beautiful Natural Sapphire Gemstone Oval...


      0.96 Carats Pear Cut Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone...


      0.99 Carats Pear Cut Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone...


      1.09 Carats Natural Sapphire Gem Oval Shape |...


      0.89 Carats Oval Color Change Natural Sapphire Gem...


      0.72 Carats Bright Pink Natural Sapphire Gem |...


      1.01 Carats Natural Sapphire Gemstone Pear Cut |...


      0.64 Carats Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone | 5.5mm...